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Hi there. Anyone want to learn Chinese cooking? I would love to provide teaching in my apartment. I used to work and live in many places of China, so I can cook different styles, such as spicy food from southwestern provinces like Sichuan and Yunnan, various kinds of noodles/wheat-made food from northwestern provinces like Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi, stewed food and dumplings (jiaozi) of northeastern China and so on. In short, I'm not a professional chef but I love cooking and I cook every day.
Some background about myself: I'm a local bilingual speaker (Chinese and English) from a mix-raced family. I used to work for non-profit organizations in fields of environmental protection, health education, community development, etc. and now I'm a free lance translator working from home due to two toddlers. Anyway, for long time, I've had this idea that I can share my hobby-cooking with those who are interested in my culture and develop it as a Chinese cooking teaching club step by step. And I even started teaching quite a few foreigners who enjoyed my classes very much two years ago. Unfortunately due to my pregnancy, I've stopped for two years and still get mails asking about my cooking classes.

Now I'm back to re-start this.
1. The class can be started ASAP. Students are greatly welcome to arrange a time with me according to their own working hours (I'm available on mornings and afternoons before 4 pm from Mon to Fri)
2. Some extra classes are available like shopping Chinese cooking ingredients/spices in local markets, or tasting party will be hosted mainly for students or groups to share their study experience and cooking with others. And of course, it's an occasion to meet people, exchange food and culture from your own country and enjoy happy hours together.
How does it work:
1. Communication in advance what specific dish I will teach or students are interested to learn. I can try to do some research and tell the story about the dish say like how it was created, why it was named like this if there are any.
2. RMB 100 (more than two participants) to 150 (less than two participants) for each person each time all inclusive. I will prepare materials/ingredients and other needed equipment. Students can eat what they cooked together afterwards.
3. English recipes will be provided for students to practice after class at home.
Contact me right away and start your Chinese food journey! Or simply for more information:, 18469180513, Wechat "jessiezhou636".
PS. My apartment locates in Yunnan Yingxiang in the north, two bus stops away from a Walmart and subway Linyuqiao stop, or 5 bus stops from Metro, the supermarket.

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