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- Body Shop 15% tea tree oil - bought in Detroit Airport in July 茶树油.
- Siemens toaster.

- Siemens land line phone.

- Thermos, new, bought in Japan 膳魔师保温杯.
- Moka stovetop coffee maker for 4-6 煤气炉不锈钢摩卡壶
- Cooking utensil (knife, cheese cutter)
- Dell German keyboard.

- Used satellite TV receiver.
- Crocs M8 W10 Grey, almost new, bought in Japan, small for my man.
- A ceiling lamp with a white ball surrounded by fixed sliver grey metal lace 吊灯.
- <实用日汉词典>.
- Longman English Chinese Dictionary (Y1988) in traditional Chinese 繁体字 <朗文英汉词典>.
- DVD video about nature and movies.
- English and Chinese books, journals, documentation, training material on natural resource management, rural development, forestry etc. 自然资源管理方面的书,专业性很强。Welcome to pay a visit if u work in this field.
photo: douban.com/group/topic/89382100
Pick up near Slice of Heaven.

- Electric oil heater

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