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Bubbly Saturday: Bubbles & Spritz Street Party

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THE BOX @ LAOWAI'S PARADISE Deli is the LAST street bar in Kunming, pls support it!

every saturday we propose ITALIAN STYLE APERITIVO:

- 7 different kind of PROSECCO 20 rmb/glass

- SPRITZ 25 RMB!!!

- ALL YOU CAN DRINK PROSECCO GLASS deal for 100rmb only !!!

- food available: pizza, pasta, lasagna, pies, free pickles!

- drinks available: beer, wine and various cheap boozes !!

LIBBY, TINA & SANDRA will make the night HOT!!

it's a paradise!! LAOWAI'S PARADISE!

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Laowai's Paradise Deli • 14 Tianjundian Xiang