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the People's Web is tightly controlled by the party propaganda machinery. if the documentary could go "viral" without the machinery "noticed", there must be "something" at work. Now, the trivial. The report's daughter is an American because she was born in the USA. so whose money that was spent on the documentary, is not the issue.

Great article! I live and work in Lijiang and thinking of trying to replicate this trip this coming summer. It'll probably be rainy but that's the time I have off from work.

@dazzer, yeah, they do, but then where do cppcc members come from?
And I suspect, even if it's true that the money put into the documentary was all her own, she had some assurance before she started that it wasn't going to lead to arrest or censorship. So I think it's probably a put-up job, to some extent, but am glad anyway, because if the state is happy enough to have it out there, then it must indicate an increased policy emphasis on their part.

Can only suggest people watch the film like you are and decide for themselves. The real problem with docus is you don't care about the subject matter, they put you to sleep or make you click other links. That isn't the case for this one, as every Chinese person deals with ever decreasing air quality, so plenty of interest.

ok, your points are valid. but 159K USD is entering into hollywood documentary budget territory, if you ask me.

and also, she worked at CCTV for many years which means she has many friends (camera crew, technicians) who would help her out. it wouldn't cost her so much having access to those resources.

i could be wrong. i'm watching the first 10 minutes on youtube with engrish translation for the foreign-language challenged.

anyway, even if it is govt sponsored, it's not necessarily bad if it gets people thinking about environmental issues. although in the case of al gore's film, i think a lot of stuff in it was bs.

Also, people spend their own money to make documentaries mostly. In the states, filmmakers go into serious credit card and family debt in order to get their film made. If you have ever met or talk to documentary filmmakers, it's never about making money, very far from it. It's usually something intensely personal that drives them.

She did it cause she blames the benign tumor in her then unborn child on air pollution. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Again, netizens don't let govt propaganda go viral, unless it's to poke fun at it.

"She quit her job as a highly successful reporter and on-air personality at China Central Television and spent the next year — and one million yuan (US$159,000) of her own money — to make Under the Dome."

sorry, i don't believe it.

documentaries hardly ever make much money. no one would spend that much to make their own documentary.

this is govt sponsored.

It's not govt managed; just govt allowed. Govt propaganda doesn't go viral. But yes, they could of shut it down if they wanted too, so letting it flow means big environmental announcements will follow. Whether China carries them all out is always up for debate, but the govt does try to move the needle in the right direction at least.

in the past some guys had fingers firmly in pies. no one would vote for smaller pies. now 100k have had fingers burned in pies, people less likely to want to go dipping and less likelyt to vote against change.

Perhaps local media were told to play it down, in order that central can control the message more easily. Looking at the quality of some local news reporting, that would not be in the least bit surprising.