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Indeed, an interesting and captivating article. But just to mention, for those of us who have known Xia Shanquan (Sean) for many years, we know him to be one of the most intelligent and right on activists we've ever met in China. Having been married twice, his second to an Australian named Margo (RIP), and regardless of his physical handicap, he continues to stand up for his native TLG's people and environment. His current girlfriend is also not his wife. Facts are better than rumors.

Maybe only son in family and she sacrifices herself - as part of family - to some degree. Its like a classical drama - sort of. Hopefully she will be respected by new family - the respect she deserves - if she does marry. And be happy too. And why not, its not impossible. Saved brother, family, happy marriage, if someone handles the concept of prayer, that would be an aim.

in terms of architecture, and in general, i hope imagination and tradition can synthetize.

i believe some progress could b made in chinese urbanization and building, for instance much more green spaces

i hope also poverty alleviation can b reached, kerping communist ideals of equality between people, in terms if resources, rights and opportunity

lastly i hope freedom of expressionand information of the people is secured

Chinese New Year we will visit my parents-in-law on the countryside like every year. Let's check what did improve there over a year...in comparision to Kunming or even smaller towns. Maybe they got some new meters of asphalt or some bricks to repair their houses. They're still years behind and no big changes in sight. Still the people there don't complain!