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yeah....those idiotic scribbles as you call it are throwies by some really old school taggers in kunming and dali. those are throwies, basically i was here message. if you see their art work that. takes more than 2 seconds youd be amazed. you usually dont see those in public areas. cans are fuckin heavy and loud. as you can see in the picture he has a case, try lugging that around while running from the poh poh.

So the men are to be executed not for the murders themselves, but for "making plans beforehand and then directing five of their associates". How much planning is needed to wander into a station and start attacking people with knives? It's all a bit odd.

JianSheLu looks a real mess in the mornings when the shop shutters are down - naff spray-painted names everywhere. The photos in this article are very much the exception to the more common idiotic scribbles.

1. Would be nice to get a straight story.
2. Why is it necessary to kill people who break laws? Does this deter further attacks by people into suicide anyway? If not, how is it that vengeance = justice?

hi, Ii think volunteering is not the same thing of working in exchange of accommodation and food.
I ve been travelling with Lola for the past 14 months around Asia.
We volunteer as much as we can, for us volunteering is helping people. We teach English, Italian and Spanish or we help building something or we do some farm work. We love bonding with the locals.
Do you know where we could volunteer in Dali?

We ll try to hitchhike from Kunming to Dali this Tuesday morning.
Thanks in advance.