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Interesting how the holiday has evolved workdwide. Glad that China is moving towards recognizing more of its unique cultural traditions. Good article. Thanks.

And let's also not forget that before it was appropriated by the socialist movement in Europe that it was a spring festival there, with possibly pre-Christian origins. Dancing round the May-pole can still be seen in several northern-European cultures.

Those of us who experienced Yunan, say, before around 2005, know what a magical place Yunnan was, before all the big enterprises started marching in. It was a little paradise in the corner among Himalayan mountains.

indeed, Geezer. What is needed is better use of the facilities already available. Kunming has a direct flight to Paris, great, but it's only twice a week so not that useful unless you are a flexible flier. If it was every other day, that would be more useful.

Just to add a little to Jordan's excellent article, the slogan Labour is Sacred seems to have been coined by the famous intellectual Cai Yuanpei (his name is on the pamphlet cover pictured). Cai was president of Beijing University for several years from 1917. He was never a communist, although while at the university he employed Chen Duxiu who founded the Communist Party in 1921. Cai supported Chiang Kaishek's government for a while but later denounced its repressive policies.

I read somewhere that to make a liter of coke or pepsi they needed over a gallon of water - not very eco-friendly.

I really would like to know what that magic ratio really is - water:coke.