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It's not useless to condemn the past, it helps us prevent such things happening in the near future. Interesting article, albeit rather strange. I suspect that the guy has a bit of a thing for small, rotten feet.

Yep, Xilu is Bai. Her most popular dish is the sweet sour cabbage. She also cooks many different kind of local seasonal flowers.
"pig man"..well behind him there are the officials, id' prefer to don't go deeper on good/bad sides of Shaxi and what is going on..
mine was just an input ;)
But of course the care about preserving the authentic architecture is a good point to be mentioned.

During the national holiday of October 2014 we again went to Getu village and delivered two more threshers, with the funds raised since I last wrote. We have now donated a total of 4 machines to the village.

Sorry: Sideng. In a sense the tourism started with the Swiss project, but they did a really good job at preservation of buildings etc., and from the photos Sideng still is beautiful.

I understand that the place has become more touristified in the last 2&1/2 years - an American student-semester-abroad program has moved out of Xideng for that reason.

Do you mean Shaxi-area Yunnan Chinese food, perhaps Bai food? Last time I was there was 2&1/2 years ago, and except for 'Alan's' pizzas at his bar on the square, all restaurants were, unsurprisingly, Chinese, though several places were run by people from outside of Yunnan. Is Xilu Bai?
I don't understand why this guy was beating dogs, or how that might keep the place safe, but I guess he is nuts, huh?

I mean local chinese food. She (Xilu, the chef) doesn't use any dog; plus not oily cuisine and she's considered the best local chef in Shaxi.

There is no footbinding anymore. It's necessary to understand the past, useless to condemn it, reasonable to regret it. What needs to be condemned now is that which produces the poverty in which some people live.
But this article doesn't really help one to understand the past, it merely reminds us that there was one.

Never seen as anything but disturbing, never mind the word alluring the author likes to use!

Children having their feet broken so parents can marry them of to some family with higher standing, 2014 we call it abuse but look back on past culture as you will.