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There were, of course, some foot- and mule-paths there also before 1964. The article didnt deny this, but heres just saying that it was not totally inacessible area. As an example, a French explorer Henri D'Orleans trekked across from there to India long before 1964. Tibetans used to come down and raid slaves there etc. Maybe Kingdon-Ward was there too. But sure, the more official roads pobably came around since 1960's.

Would be nice if labor and capital were put to use creating something that actually helped somebody who badly needed something.

Tokyo has similar mega towers, built around 2003. Hi density, hi traffic buildings come with higher incidences of sometimes tragic accidents - usually derived from human error.

In 2004, Tokyo, only a year after officially opening, a small boy's head was crushed in the revolving doors, despite the installation of a sensor system designed to prevent such tragedies. What happened - the building management installed some "safety" barriers, which were causing the sensors to trip - so they reset the sensors - which also had the adverse effect of NOT recognizing small children.

In the second incident - Otis elevator installed the elevator systems, and regular inspections showed the elevator cables were rusting and fraying in 2005, from rubbing/chaffing against other equipment and fraying, but no actions were taken to correct the issue. Eventually, the frayed cables started sparking (ostensibly as a result of friction with various infrastructure components) and started a fire.

This lead to a nationwide check of over 200k elevator systems in Japan of which about 1,000 (less than 0.5%) were determined to be at risk.

Risks are well controlled, when safety is meticulous, but when management becomes lax...

It will be interesting to see how well these buildings and their tenants survive the next 5-10 years.

Usually, newer buildings are required to employ green tech - LED lighting, waste-water collection, storage, and distribution systems, etc. I didn't notice the green spaces from the photographs - but that doesn't mean they're not there...yet.

Any interest from gokm on the environmental and sustainability features of the upcoming high-rises? Renewable energy? Solar heating and HVAC systems?

Due to the effects of the Pacific El Nino on extending the Monsoon season, un-rest in Myanmar and their military air actions agaist the Kokang rebels, FTHO has had to adjust the scedule for our HUMP re-enactment flight to mid-October. Altough we will miss the 70th. Anniversary of the end of the War Against Japanese Aggression & WW II celebrations by a month, plans are still underway to fly our C-47 from India to Kunming over the HUMP. We will keep Go-Kunming informed with better dates as time nears.