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I aren't in Kunming for the foreseeable future, just left.

Clearly you aren't interested in answering the question, I withdraw it in the face of the inane/inept responses that you have provided. I suggest you stop telling others how to think/behave if you can't provide thoughtful, respectful advice/experience yourself.

Any plans to use the plants they scoop up for power generation and fertiliser?

They may not wish to use the plants as a fuel source though - creating an industry based on the stuff you want to eradicate e may mean you never eradicate it...

Blobbles, you're right about the massive amount of organic matter coming out of Dianchi. The biogas research platform I'm working with at YNNU has been studying the anaerobic digestion of water hyacinth for years.

Hey, Ben Underwood here, aka the Steve Merchant of Kunming.

Alien, to answer your question: the food waste that AD plants break down into CO2 and methane was once plants and animals that incorporated CO2 from the atmosphere. So AD plants don't add any NEW CO2 to the atmosphere.

In fact, by replacing fossil fuels, they reduce the net amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Well off foreigner = Assumption on your part, I have been poor all my life. Most people value money and think being successful means having money and toys. I am blessed in many ways and I share what I have with others as best I can.

Relatively poor area of the world = China has the 2nd highest GDP in the world. China has many high Speed Trains - Kunming will have 2 by 2016 - USA has none.

My horse seems high to you merely because of perspective. Suggest you get off your low donkey.

We all need money to survive in this world but money is NOT my main purpose in life. By controlling your needs and minimizing your wants most people can live very happy lives. I dont need to eat at Salvadores or McDonalds every day or go shopping at Metro. I need water to live but I do not need beer or pepsi.

If you are truly interested in what I do then send me a civil invite via PM so we can meet and talk and then your curiosity can be satisfied. Most reasonable people find it hard to be uncivil after meeting, regardless of differences.

What do you do HFCAMPO that justifies your existence as a clearly well off foreigner in a relatively poor area of the world?

Your answer better include working with orphaned drug addicted lepers or you may just fall off your high horse.

And how do/did you make the money you have? It better not have been through the capitalist system you so despise...