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Yunnan's history, and that of many parts of China, should be seen for what it is and better understood. Tracing everything back to the Jade Emperor is a mistake and doesn't begin to present the complexity.

to bluppfisk. you saying they didn't have ivory on sale at the trade show? I was there and saw it. Several stalls had tusks for sale. If China had any intention to protect wildlife these people would have been arrested and their stock confiscated. and yes, I'm sure most poached ivory doesn't come from Banna. There aren't enough elephants left there to sustain a poaching industry.

china law is against killing chin elepahnts. and ch wildlife. i guess that most of the dwindling population in rest of asia ends up with its ivory in yu know where.

cloudtrapezer you're just saying something. China is actually one of the few countries to enforce a pretty strict wildlife protection policy. Banna is one of the few places where elephant populations are growing instead of dwindling because of this policy, much in contrast with other Asian regions.

This is hardly surprising when at this year's Asian trade fair in Kunming ivory, including whole tusks, was openly on sale while hundreds of cops paraded around in black uniforms just yards away. China will never do anything serious to protect wildlife, because that would get in the way of making money.