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The film 2012 was not about the world ending in 2012. However, the predictive programming message in the film is that only the elite will be saved and the remaining (95%) population will die. The Georgia Guridestones clearly states that humanity will be maintained at 500 million. How do you maintain population at 500 million when there are 7 billion human beings on this earth?

This was my point in purposely making my absurd comments about executing the drug addicts. I got so many arguements from many drug users (except Kate) about my comments yet as millions as murdered around the world all most can talk about is KFC, Burger King and if drinking in public is legal in China.

possibly. you brought up the georgia guidestones and the film 2012. in my estimation, both of these things are propaganda.

did the world end in 2012? why were there so many articles about the end of the world in the media (many of which chinese people i spoke to were believing) and a blockbuster hollywood film to further add to the propaganda?