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Ignoring/avoiding to directly respond to an accusation when guilty or shifting the blame are two very Western social behaviours. They've been practicing these for centuries, while speaking only of the positive outcomes.

The OSI guys already know that what works to quickly rebuilt trust in China is to acknowledge the wrongdoing and issue an apology, and that's what they did. McDonalds and KFC on HuanCheng Donglu are already packed with kids on two floors during meal time.

Trying to defend or explain it away would be worse PR, as it would look like the old shift the blame game. A favourite tactic in face cultures.

In fairness to OSI, on Sunday they started recalling ALL meat products and withdrawing them from this market.

"I will not try to defend it or explain it"

That's bad PR/
He could at least have shown some sympathy and assure they would take measures to combat this is the future. Hmmm, bad news for junk fooders.

If it's banned for industrial use doesn't that mean there are some pretty nasty heavy metals in the water? Why would they allow shrimp to be fished in the past? Do they want people to get cancer or something?

Paraphrased response to the scandal from a local Chinese friend of mine: "It's just the government going after foreign companies. Of course what was happening in the factory was bad, but far worse happens every day in cheap local restaurants and factories supplying local restaurants."