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Air is cleaner - just in case we have some bad air days.

Actually - depending on what events occur at the Kunming Convention Center - this would be great - add a little diversity to the convention.

Hope the city also implemented training and staff to handle the increased international airport traffic.

THIS I absolutely have to see - will the KM taxis behave and play nicely or be even naughtier than ever?

i can't do any pushups. i don't feel the need to lift anything heavier than my guitar, let alone my body weight.

private pyle was smart. he ate too many doughnuts so he didn't have to get sent to the front lines.

Although some kids are not slim as they used to be - some middle school kids are tall and big now because of all those hormone grown meats - The majority still remain relatively slim.

However, they are very weak and out of shape because they sit in school all day and at home also doing homework.

They barely can do a few pushups, can not even do a pul-up - like private Pyle, and they get tired after walking short distances.

We just hopped thr bus to Guanyinqing. Bus 8 terminates at a small depot just next to the train station in Xiaguan. The bus bound for Binchuan was parked on the street turning right in exiting the depot, just 30 meters or so down. Driver says be back at the dropoff point by 7:30pm to catch last bus back from Binchuan.

I heard Shimenguan climbing area is now closed by local park authorities? Can anyone confirm?

Before we get our knickers in a knot. 90k rmb per year is affordable for millions of Chinese now. These are not programs for a privileged elite or programs for the super rich. The programs at the last two high schools I worked at cost that much and more.
These programs are not affordable to the masses (most working class), but hell how many kids back home cannot afford to go to college either, and how many more don't want to invest in higher education?
Many import cars cost the equivalent of three years study on these programs. And many of these cars are paid for with cash. I don't know of anyone who has taken out finance on a car.

Yep - it's called the EMBA - costs a LOT more than a traditional MBA and used to be used (now forbidden) to provide networking opportunities with high-ranking government officials.

I believe the general rule or policy was "bring 2-3+ government officials to the EMBA and your tuition (over CNY 10k) is free.

Even the prestigious TsingHua EMBA program had this policy - but as noted - it's since been banned nationwide.