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Well, the article also uses the term "gender-based violence", rather than, say, just violence. That is the code-language of those biased robots. They are drooling over Burma now, when Hillary is pretty near and The Lady got the chair in Burma. Having radical feminists coming in to Burma with their biased agendas would be just another tragedy.

Alien as a communist you may want to know that theres a big deal business here too. Many of these organizations are now activating themselves anticipating Hillary will send them a check later. Burma is, and has been, epidemic with these freaks. Im sure you will also be more negative when you see them driving a toyota 4wd later. ;)

Getting back to the articles, I think all three could have been condensed into one. My main takeout was that the author feels conflicted about working inside NGOs and QUANGOs that sometime have hidden and not so hidden geopolitical agendas. On balance she thinks it's best to continue working inside them. I think it's a dilemma faced by many idealistic youngsters working in organizations that rely for funding on governments, corporations and super rich philanthropists.

Probably also worth mentioning, without overall advocating Christian missionary activity, that western Christian missionaries also played a role in abolishing footbinding in China.

The article is dreadful long winded waffle but I can't see anything wrong with encouraging women to stand up for their rights. A little more than a century ago probably a majority of Chinese women had bound feet. Even the most ardent Chinese nationalists acknowledge the role of western ideas, including feminism, in abolishing this bizarre and cruel practice.

@ Peter: While I agree with your characterization of many of the forces working in Myanmar today, I don't see what your objection might be to the feminist attitude promoted in the article, and I think it's worth discussion.

Its actually ironic. You got christians organizations in (and outside) Myanmar doing work behind scenes for own interests. You got USA there, doing same. China, of course. Thailand has its interests; theres even a saying Thailand prefers a weak Myanmar. India is there too betting own interests. Then communists, capitalsts, military, nationalsts, buddhists, islam. It doesnt end here. Abundant of ethnic milotaries, from Wa to Naga. Then theres the democracy activism and students versus State.

Now what else is now going in there with a gospel in this mess? Heh. Western feminism!

Theres a book on minorities in around these areas: "Chopsticks only work in pairs". It was impossible to finnish this book, as there were so many times the word "gender" in netween the lines, so that after chapter 1, reaction became allergic. Like written in religious zealour. These freaks are now bringing their gender war to Myanmar.