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Thank you. I plan to take the train soon and will confirm it's 10.34 or othewise.

Thanks also. The zoo/temple sounds interesting. Are they near the Horse Racing Park? And if I take a look I will, of course, miss the train back - do you or others know if there's a nearby bus route back to central KM somewhere (as there don't seem to be many taxis around that area). Thanks.

Beware that the author is probably using the Chinese AQI. It being an index, it is a relatively arbitrary figure compared to the absolute value of PM2.5 particles in microgrammes per cubic metre!

The American AQI standard would rate the concentrations with a much higher index score (also implying much higher health risks)!

Shizui - 石咀 - Stone Mouth - Now that they are building the subway line along Chun Yu Road in Majie I hope they fix the entrance to this station. Few people even know it is there and are probably not aware that they can get on the train at this station.

Right across the street from this station is Horse Racing Park which is still under renovation. There is a nice temple as well as a small zoo which includes ostrich, camels, yaks, and monkeys.