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Update: The event raised more than 30,000 on top of the 30,000 raised by the community before the event. So I will be handing over 60,000 to ChinaCal later this week. Thanks to the generosity of all the musicians, vendors, donors, DT Bar, John and Cas and all of you who participated.

Watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the 石林 float looked pretty good. Lots of pretty young ladies dancing.

I'll take cartoon character balloons, high school bands, dancing and singing over goosestepping missiles and tanks anyday!

Happy Thanksgiving to Americans! Happy Holiday season to all!

Rather satellites than bombing a poor farmer country into oblivion, for almost ten years, and fifty years later still ignoring a serious UXO problem, that is still painting rivers red from kids blood. Right?

Wish we knew you were coming to Chiang Mai so we could invite all for drinks. We're long time residents of Chiang Mai and I've always been a fan of Salvador's. Looks like you had an amazing trip and learned a lot from Thailand to bring back to China. I will be sure to stop in when next in Kunming. Generous owners chose some very nice ecological and culturally authentic activities. We'll done and best to all of you for 2016!