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And Yunnan seems to be targeted by those scammers. The meat that was made when Sgt Peppers was playing No.1 in radio and Dylan had just gone electric, was targeted for Yunnan and South-West. Same as those people stealing kids and such, they go for Yunnan. When some factory in Zhejiang makes some mistake, who knows maybe theres this rule to dump the stuff in Yunnan.

Those gangsters are always 3 steps ahead of officials and media. And they are global by now: who knows maybe French are eating Roquefort cheese made of old shoelaces and white paint. As those scammers have gone global, in a few years we will hear about, say, fake tabasco in USA and such.

Just yesterday I watched something about this on the bus. The Customs folks stopped and confiscated a few big trucks on the road from Puer. The trucks were not refridgerated so this is one of the cause of the problems. So if the meat did make it in to its final destination it had to be repacked and refrozen after the long trip. Perhaps the meat in the center of the truck can keep but surely not the meat on top or the sides.

Glad I saw some if these in XBanna a few years back. Going to assume they are all replaced now.

Wow, what an awesome guy. I was just planning to buy some old mega-format lenses in Paris this week to bring back to try to build an old school 'view camera', but I lack the skill to confidently achieve a good outcome without investing a lot of time. I think if Mr Liu and I were to work on it together though, we'd definitely succeed, and he's a photographer too! Maybe I will just buy some lenses after all...