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Good link, Voltaire - so there are some problems with such schemes, but anybody thinking they're more serious than the ones caused by everybody driving around in private cars and taking taxis alla time might benefit from a stroll down to the corner to watch the traffic for awhile.

MoBike is the future. In Beijing, you just find the nearest MoBike with your app. Once you park and lock it anywhere(no station required) it's available to anyone else, who again finds it with an app. Very stylish and sturdy bike, but too low to the ground for big laowai.

As to the bike stations, I'm all for it too, but maintenance for those bikes goes down hill fast from the ones I've seen in other cities. Many rusted hard to turn, flat or very low tires, broken locks. Also, always a commuter imbalance on stations with rush hour and city/suburb stations. I think in Montreal they had to lorry bikes around every night to correct the imbalance.

Really good idea which may improve some people's health and fitness and save them quite a bit of money. It works quite well in Hangzhou.

@Alien, the idea is that you return the bikes at the nearest station to your home/destination. Of course with only 500 stations planned there will be a lot of places where you still have to walk several hundred metres to get home. Users have to decide if that is worth 15rmb.

Excellent idea, but I think charging 15 rmb a day is not so good, as those just wanting to get home from the bus stop in the evening will have to pay 0.5rmb for the bike while it sits in front of their flat and then return it in the morning. There's a system in place in Berlin that, I think, is free - just return the bikes.

I'm surprised nobody issued a flood warning.

If this bathing carries on unchecked it'll be so sad as the water in that lake is one of the cleanest in China. I spotted cans, bottles, plastic bags and other waste along its banks last time I was there. Oh dear......

Mike and I have both lived there for extended periods, so we are very aware of the general situation.

The lady is not the problem, it's the ineffective bureaucracy where nobody is willing to take charge or devote time, effort and resources towards migrating the uneducated local agriculturalists, industrialists, property developers and military toward environmentally sustainable farming, building and navigation.

Beijing needs to get involved.