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Agree. Air is terrible especially in Xiaguan. The traffic is out of control. I'm sure you're right about the lakeside hotels. Was wondering why the government, having allowed all that to happen, seems to have banned all boats except the tourist company's.

As far as I can tell, Erhai is getting least the shoreline, mostly due to tourists throwing garbage into the lake, and lakefront hotels dumping in untreated sewage. I'm super depressed about the environmental situation in Dali, especially the air quality.

Wow, I thought this was a picture of the fake boats in northern Dianchi (shallow part, between Xishan and Daguanlou Gongyuan) but in fact apparently someone manufactured a bunch of these little square-riggers for the south of the lake (晋宁县沙堤村码头), and they are actually in use! I would be super keen to go check them out. Probably it's a good season, since fishing is over, it's still warm before the winter, the boats are idle, so we should be able to have a sail. I've never sailed a square-rigger, they are apparently very difficult to turn. See Wikipedia for background:

Anyone interested in a trip this weekend? tigertiger?

The wetland management has included diverting water from one of the small rivers, and running it through a wetland. The wetland is not longer just a fetid black swamp, and there are many more egrets there this year.

Maybe when the subway is finished. However, if you want to transfer to a slower train at Kunming main railway station, there is still a long walk from the subway.

i dont think it s bad planning,there are so many people in china that every new hub is welcome. think about spring festival where everything is congested. guilin kunming also can help tourism. by subway in 45 minutes passengers can get to nan pin jie, not bad.

The location of this station will drive any average Kunming citizen crazy. It takes longer to get to the station than to the next province by fast train. People chose to travel by train because train stations are located at a closer location than airports. This won't apply in Kunming. That's really poor planning, regardless of those who say they think ahead of time and have located the station right there!