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@Tiger Tiger that political leaning is either "pro" a particular party or group of such parties, or what those parties are into-ie. their line. So the organization(s) is/are the key to the difference. Political movements not attached to particular parties can have capitalized Letters, but usually because of a proper noun, a name.

Hasn't moved "toward a more humane approach"? Correct for both the Kunming Zoo and the Yunnan Wild Animals Park.

Seriously underfed tigers and lions with removed teeth and claws are still performing there.

I can recommend a recent book on China which has a section on Yunnan. by David Eimer, "The Emperor Far Away: Travels at the Edge of China." Kindle Edition.

Mentions the Kokang. Section on Xinjiang and Uighurs is excellent.

It also depends on your schedule. If you only have a few days it may be better to fly. The plane is about an hour flight, plus all the check in times and baggage reclaim. The airport is about 30-40 mins taxi from the airport.
It won't be warm right now either. Except for the hotpot that is.