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If government wants to have "guests" instead of short visit "tourists" they should encourage cultural and historical "reality" at all levels of budget, from luxury to village life. Culture is so diverse in Yunnan it offers interesting variety to the tourist instead of the same junk for sale...this is why people dont stay, they know it's the same junk everywhere..
In addition of things for tourist to "see and buy" simple activities need to be offered by local people which offers variety..

It's education to the masses of locals..
Instead, the greed of the upper management wants to control all the tourists to visit their resort and discourage any competition..

So many of these fantasy resorts/ideas are going to fail.
So much waste in china..sad..

Theres a plan concerning a super fast train from Kunming to Stone Forest too. (This plan was made quite recently, so it should be there too - or is it cancelled...)

Anyway, that train would bring a great opportunity to have a chance to have monitored plastic Sea-gulls flying around the train, and an Eiffel Tower there somewhere half way down the road. Maybe some kangaroos too there on the way. Probably other good ideas too.

I'm beginning to believe that the general population here is either not concerned with food safety or has no concept of it.
Yesterday while walking up Longquan Lu, we passed a man butchering a pig - in the middle of the (dirty) sidewalk in front of his restaurant.

The fire was officially extinguished on Saturday, April 18. No casualties were reported and the fire burned 520 acres of forest. The cause is still under investigation.

To me, it just looks like they've achieved their goal. They wanted to make events seem posh and select, so that the rich Chinese could spend on a part of valued foreign product/service that is ridiculously overpriced in China (like everyone knows). Making the events fully booked or invitation only, simply raises the price even more.
They have obviously made themselves heard from within the e-xpat community... This article is probably one of the most commented on GoKunming.

also, like someone pointed out above, they are most probably not looking for the regular street corner foreign investor who waits for others' actions to help him expand his business.