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Naïve question: Do China's anti-corruption and environmental laws apply to the overseas activities of Chinese-owned companies? I am not being silly. US laws do apply to overseas operations of US companies, but many UK laws do not apply to the overseas operations of UK companies.

Mr. Scally all is well with education in Yunnan. At least with the numbers at hand.

Students educated through primary school did drop per 100,000 population. But the uneducated (zero to less than primary school) also dropped from 14,978 per 100,000 in 2010 to 11,501 per 100,000 in 2015. The uneducated population declined from 6.88 to 5.45 million, or from 15.0% to 11.5% with a total population increase of 1.4 million or 3.05%.

Given the larger population with at least a primary school level of education, 2.8 million increase, the total population increase of 1.4 million, and the general population gentrification, the per 100,000 population rate of those with at least a primary school education would be expected to decline. If fact, the rate decline coupled with the shift in population demographics is impressive. More kids are being educated to higher levels even though the ratio looks bad.

As the great Milton Mann once told me, "Kid, you can't eat percentages."

@Alien just a terribly worded sentence on my part. It should read: "One other slightly disturbing statistic shows the number of children matriculating through primary school dropped over the previous five year period."

The article has been changed.

@Xiefei I'll double check.

Are you sure the Hui don't top one million? I seem to remember hearing they were the largest or second largest minority group in the province

Thanks much - great demographic info update!

Maybe your next article (assuming the census updated that info) can be on the various GDP per capita ratios?

Think you've not quite written what you meant about the population of people with ONLY an elementary education, as you say it is 'slightly disturbing'.

Another video on Larung Gar and Tibetan Buddhism showing lives and rituals of nuns and monks. As a Theravada Buddhist I find the several Tibetan Buddhism sects uninteresting philosophically but was curious enough to visit several sites in Sichuan in 2007. I planned a summer in Sichuan for 2008 with Larrung Gar on my list but the May earthquake was enough a burden on the local people without another idiot tourist wandering around.